1992 Bachelor of Fine Arts

The University of The South


How and Where

My dear friend Tosh Hopkins has shared her studio space, knowledge and encouragement with me for the past 10 years.  Some days we are out in the field painting or drawing in various locations around Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga.  Most Monday and Thursday afternoons we are in the studio working and listening to Tosh's extraordinary and eclectic music collection.

Other Interests

When not painting you can find me outside riding a horse, trail running with my mountain feist, riding a road bike or mountain bike.  Rambling, traveling, looking for my next adventure.

Georgia Pollock

Rising Fawn, GA


These paintings reflect my fascination with shape and color.  A world all it's own is created when shape and color come together.  Perhaps a dream, a place to venture into or explore, a memory or a comfort.  

The natural world surrounds us with every shape and color imaginable.  There are no lines only one color meeting another creating space, creating mood and movement, creating the reality we choose to see.

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