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Painting takes patience. At least for me it is something that can’t be rushed. It has taken me years to become comfortable with this process which involves planning the size, the composition, taking time to consider all the possibilities for a particular painting. Now I find that not only am I comfortable with the process, I enjoy it. Painting allows me to become very focused, to get lost in the work, to find shapes and colors in a piece that are only seen with close and careful observation. The more I practice these observation skills the more I see. Driving home after working on a painting I am amazed and delighted by all I am aware of in the landscape around me. Colors and light, shape and space are vivid and abundant.

These paintings reflect my fascination with shape and color. A world all it's own is created when shape and color come together. Perhaps a dream, a place to venture into or explore, a memory or a comfort. I hope the viewer finds something to connect with in my paintings, something that resonants.

The natural world surrounds us with every shape and color imaginable. There are no lines, only one color meeting another creating space, creating mood and movement, creating the reality we choose to see.

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